Shopping FAQ

Shipping & Delivery

: Where Do You Ship To?

A: We ship all of our products to USA, Canada, AU and European countries.

United States / Canada / Austrilia / Austria / Belgium / Cyprus / Czech Republic / Denmark / Finland / France / Germany / Greece / Hungary / Iceland / Ireland / Italy / Liechtenstein / Luxembourg / Netherlands / Norway / Poland / Portugal / Romania / San Marino / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland

Order Preparing Times:

2 days

Delivery Times:

4 - 6 business days (from U.S. Warehouse);

6 - 9 business days (from China Warehouse).

Your parcel will be send out from our warehouses in the U.S. (for the customers in the U.S.), and from Shenzhen, 518000, Guangdong, China (for the customers in other countries).

We ship our electric skateboard products to Austrilian customers directly from our warehouse in Australia.

Q: Will My Parcel Be Charged Custom Duties and Taxes?

Note to all USA Customers: All taxes and Customs fees will already be paid. You pay only what you pay at checkout.

Q: How Many Items Can I Buy in One Order?

A: You can checkout a maximum of 50 units per item for all items.

Q: Can I Amend My Order Once the Order is Being Processed?

A: We package your products very soon after the order is placed which means your order cannot be amended once the status of your order has changed to “order processing”. This includes changing the delivery method, payment method, shipping address, color/quantity of items, or applying a discount.

Q: What If I Change My Mind and Don't Want to Accept Parcel?

A: If you do not accept or sign for the package when it’s delivered to your address, we will ship the package back to one of our warehouses. Please note that you will be responsible for the return shipping fees. Per our shipping and delivery partners, the international shipping cost of a single parcel can be very high with a minimum charge of US$25 for the first 500g and US$4 for every subsequent 500g. Meanwhile, the original shipping fees from China to your country and taxes paid are not refundable. If you change your mind and do not want the parcel any more, it’s recommended to accept your parcel and then apply return service instead of rejecting it. For more information on our return policies, please go to our "Return & Refund Policy" page or contact us by phone or email.

Q: Do I need to Pay Immediately After The Order is Placed?

A: After your order is placed, please make payment within the period indicated on the payment page, otherwise the order will be canceled.


We Accept Visa / Master Card / American Express / Discover Card & PayPal using secure PayPal payment gateway! 

Why Use PayPal to Make Payments?

- Buying is Free

It's free to use PayPal to pay for purchases. The seller only pays a small fee to handle your payment. Also, you can accumulate your credit card reward points.

- Keeping You Safe

If an eligible item does not arrive or was not what you ordered and paid for, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. With Buyer Protection, PayPal will help resolve issues involving eligible purchases.

- Shopping Made Easier

You can add a debit or credit card to your PayPal account to make payments instantly. No worries if you don't have a credit card - simply top-up your PayPal balance with your preferred bank.

How to Sign up for a PayPal Account?

Please visit the PayPal website to sign up for an account. It's fast and easy. (Account signup is not required to make purchases at Nero Cycle)

What are the Benefits of a Verified Account?

PayPal lifts your account limits to send and withdraw money. Buyers and sellers have greater confidence to do business with you because your verified status means more account security.

Why was My Payment Declined?

Payments may be declined due to the changes in user habits, IP exceptions, the use of VPN, or bad credit records. If you’re using someone else’s credit card or if your shipping information and credit card information don’t match, your payments may be declined due to the risks of unauthorized payments. If your payment is declined, we suggest that you sign up for a PayPal account and link your credit card. Also, please confirm your credit card to let PayPal know that you are truly the card owner.

Will There be Any Additional Fees?

There may be a currency conversion fee when you buy or send a payment overseas. PayPal will always show you the exchange rate, which includes this fee before adding it to your purchase amount.

* We Accept Visa / Master Card / American Express / Discover Card & PayPal.